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Nearby, the Moulin Rouge and Casa Rosso are two of the most popular live sex shows, with more of a theatre feel and less audience interaction. Amsterdam Brothels. For those who want to get more involved, Amsterdam sex clubs and brothels offer a chance to meet discreetly with a willing lady to engage in a little adult fun.

This page has an overview of Amsterdam adult 'entertainment', from sex shops and sex shows to sex museums and former sex workers as tour guides. Any x-rated stuff that can be commercialized, basically. Also browse the introduction page about the Amsterdam Red Light District, as well as our Frequently Asked Questions about Amsterdam prostitutes.

I was in Amsterdam last year with my boyfriend and we went in looking at the Sex shop and went upstairs to the cinema. I agree with what the guy said that theres alot of fat old men that stamd near you and jerk off but we sat down in the hetro cinema and had a great time I ended up sucking about 8 guys and had an amazing time.

Its both my experience from having been in the B-1 with the Mrs.The exodus from upstairs to downstairs when we arrived was pretty clear. Its also my experience from having been on the clock back in the day when I did this sex stuff for a living.