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Best Indoor Waterparks for Adults not bringing kids Watch this Topic. Browse forums; All. Best Indoor Waterparks for Adults not bringing kids. 5 years ago. Save. Kalahari has a single park with 125,000 square feet. Chula has a single waterpark with 80,000 square feet. Earlier this year, in the winter, Chula offered a very good all.

Jun 06, 2016 · 5 BH Mallorca – World's first adult-only waterpark. According to the Sunday Times' 100 Best Holidays of 2015 review, “the genius who came up with the concept of the world's first adults-only waterpark deserves a knighthood." The new BH Mallorca opened in 2015. If the buildings look vaguely familiar, it's because they used to be Mallorca.

In the wonderful, wide world of entertainment, mankind's greatest achievement, for those who relish pure fun, is the amusement park. Think about it. What other place can you go to that's in business solely for your pleasure? Okay, granted, Heidi Fleiss's house, but I understand that's closed down Author: Mark Miller.

AQUATOPIA IS ALWAYS INCLUDED WITH YOUR OVERNIGHT STAY! VIEW RATES. Taken directly from the pages of my own journals, each area of our uniquely themed Aquatopia indoor waterpark in the Poconos are recreations of many of my epic adventures. Every pool, ride, slide, retail and concession area is crafted to spark your imagination, pulling you directly into the pages of my incredible tales.