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Aug 20, 2019 · Adult Basic Education (ABE): COMPUTER SKILLS. Below is a sampling of Safari Books basic computer titles. Click on the title to start reading online. If off campus, you will have to enter your username and password before being able to access the book. Please note that Madison College Libraries has a license with Safari for 3 simultaneous users.Author: Jennifer Kasch.

The Division of Adult Education and Literacy (DAEL) administers programs that help adults get the basic skills they need including reading, writing, math, English language proficiency, and problem-solving to be productive workers, family members, and citizens.

Most full-time adult computer literacy teachers have a bachelor's or master's degree in education with some training in adult education. Courses in an adult education degree program may include.

Adult Low-Level Literacy Curriculum Modules Use the new curriculum modules with your low-level literacy learners, including those with intellectual disabilities, in programs for Adult Basic Education, Special Education and Rehabilitation, and Workforce Learning!