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The identity theft may not be discovered for years, until the child is a young adult. As a parent or legal guardian, a security freeze is one tool you can use to restrict certain access to .

Credit Freeze. A credit freeze, also known as a security freeze, is a consumer right provided by Indiana law. Placing a security freeze on your credit reports can block an identity thief from opening a new account or obtaining credit in your name. A credit freeze keeps new creditors from accessing your credit report without your permission.

Place a security freezePlace or manage a freeze to restrict access to your Equifax credit report, with certain exceptions. Request a fraud or active duty alertPlace an alert on your credit reports to warn lenders that you may be victim of fraud or on active military duty.

A security freeze can prevent access to your Equifax credit report, with certain exceptions, by making it unavailable for the purpose of opening new credit in your name. 1 Placing, temporarily lifting, or .