- level 3 adult literacy


level 3 adult literacy

Adults employed in most industry groups had mean literacy proficiencies in the Level 3 range, including finance, insurance, real estate, public administration, services, transportation, communications, utilities and .

Entry Level 3 is equivalent to literacy levels at age 9-11. Adults with skills below Entry Level 3 may not be able to understand labels on pre-packaged food or understand household bills. Level 1 is equivalent to GCSE grades D-G. Adults with skills below Level 1 may not be able to read bus or train timetables or understand their pay slip.

Suitable for: The courses and qualifications we offer are for learners working towards entry level 3, level 1 and level 2. Before you start we'll check what level of .

The Level 3 criterion features strongly in the recent National Foundation Skills Strategy for Adults, and has been consolidated as a key proficiency standard under the National Agreement on Skills and Workforce Development (COAG Reform Council 2009, 2010). Since the late 1980s many adult literacy policymakers, researchers and.