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Traditional Japanese musical instruments are musical instruments used in the traditional and folk music of Japan. They comprise a range of string, wind, and percussion instruments. Percussion Instruments. Bin-sasara (編木, 板ささら; also spelled bin-zasara) — clapper made from wooden slats.

Chinese musical instruments were traditionally grouped into eight categories known as bayin. The eight categories are: silk, bamboo, wood, stone, metal, clay, gourd and skin. There are other instruments which may not fit these groups. This is one of the first musical groupings ever devised.

As the geishas in Japan today, the main role and purpose of geisha women in feudal Japan was to entertain guests during meals and other occasions. The skills that geishas had in order to carry out their job included traditional Japanese dance, playing musical instruments and being able to speak to the guests who were mainly men.

Musical instruments have a long and storied history in China, yet few foreigners know many beyond the gong.With some existing for thousands of years, Chinese musical instruments are so plentiful that they can be divided into eight separate categories: silk, bamboo, wood, stone, metal, clay, gourd, and skin.Author: Rachel Deason.