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How to Get Rid Of A Rash Under Breasts: The Best Home Remedies under breast chafing

Chafing under breasts is a common condition among many women if not all. A good number of women can attest to have had this problem at one point in their lives. Unfortunately, not all women can differentiate between a chafing rash and other under the boob rash-related conditions as well as infection.

A rash under the breasts (intertrigo) is a common problem for many women. When you suffer from this rash, the skin under the breast can also become very itchy, painful, and in some cases, start blistering and even cause a burning sensation. Usually, the causes of a rash under the breasts are.

Chafing under breasts is a common problem many women face. Chafing usually occurs when the skin on one part of the body continuously rubs against the skin on another part of .

Chafing often happens in people who are overweight or who wear ill-fitting clothes. Chafing under the breast often happens during exercises or running, or even while wearing an ill-fitting bra. The chafing causes irritation on the skin because the constant rubbing scrapes at the skin, leaving it sore.