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Learn more about the Division of Endocrinology and Diabetes which is a nationally recognized leader in treating a variety of endocrine disorders. Urology. At Children’s National in Washington, D.C., our pediatric urologists provide comprehensive care for disorders affecting reproductive and urinary organs.

Abstract. The clinical and radiological presentations of 12 pediatric urological disorders are described. The described disorders include pyelonephritis, vesicoureteral reflux, ureteropelvic obstruction, ureterovesical obstruction, ectopic ureterocele, posterior urethral valves, multicystic dysplastic kidney, polycystic kidney disease, ectopic kidney, staghorn calculi, urethral diverticulum Cited by: 1.

Pediatric urology conditions include a wide range of conditions involving the genital and urinary tracts. Often these are congenital (present at birth) and diagnosed as early as prenatally or in infancy; in many cases, they are treated and resolved early in life, sometimes through surgical reconstruction.

The pediatric urology team at Children’s Hospital has the expertise and training to successfully diagnose and treat disorders of both the genitals and urinary tract. We treat everything from bedwetting to urinary tract infections to birth defects requiring reconstructive surgery.