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May 29, 2008 · Using Vaseline or some sort of lubricant is a common practice. It simulates more accurately actual sex. The penis slides in and out of the vagina during sex. When you masturbate without lubricant Followers: 1.

Feb 05, 2015 · Use of vaseline is to reduce friction between the skin of penis and probably your hand and avoid any frictional injury due to masturbation. It does not mean you over do masturbation when using vaseline. When used for the purpose of reducing friction by applying a little of vaseline on your hand, it will not cause epididymitis.Diseases and Conditions: Epididymitis, Anxiety, .

I used Vaseline as lubricant for masturbation of my penis several times this week. I masturbated for a very excessive amount of time. Now the skin around the shaft is swollen as well as the foreskin which .

two days ago i use Vaseline for masturbating. I melt the Vaseline and use it, I've done it 3 times,is it ok to use it?? Please response to my problem.